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Adventures Await: Best Day Trips from Kampot

Spending time at Kampot is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever encounter as you will explore the natural views from all angles, from mountains, seas, rivers, and Kampot caves. From architectural buildings to the concept, Kampot acquires its unique cultural way of living, which is best for day trips or slow-living for expats. 

Kampot with diversed natural landscapes

Kampot with Diversed Natural Landscapes

Overview of Kampot As a Tourist Destination

Kampot has a diverse tourist destination with an incredible mother nature. Ranging from mountain, sea, river, pepper, Durian, salt farms, cultural buildings, and people, this town is ideal for tourists or expats to spend their best day trips. However, if you want to fully enjoy the best day trips, you should set a good duration for your holiday as places to visit in Kampot might be located in different parts.

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Importance of Day Trips For Exploring The Surrounding Areas

Did you know? Kampot has a variety of tourist sites nearby the province. If you plan for a holiday, you should consider exploring the surrounding destination as well. Many foreign tourists (and even local tourists) only stay in the Kampot province; however, they do not fully enjoy the hidden traveling spots surrounding Kampot. 

So be the difference this time! The adventures await! You must have the best day trips from Kampot.

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Excitement and Adventure Tips From Kampot

Having the best day trips is to be able to fully enjoy each and every minute and place you spend during the trip. As mentioned earlier, Kampot has various tourist destinations besides the city itself. There are nearby areas where you might want to explore with excitement during your holiday.

Phnom Kampong Trach or Kampong Trach Cave

Phnom Kampong Trach is not a hot tourist destination as Bokor National Park; however, the Kampong Trach cave has its uniqueness. 

Located in the Kampong Trach district, you will see a few mountains with tall rocks. When you arrive there, you will see a huge parking space along with some local stores selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. If you need refreshment, do not forget to drink coconut water or sugar cane, as it is organic and delicious. Once you walk further, you will see several sacred statues near the entrance. 

The cave has a natural swimming pool in the middle of it. The water temperature is quite cold because it is from rainfall. Thus, you can try swimming in this natural pool. When you reach the cave’s exit, you will see other beautiful scenery, such as railroads, rice fields, and beautiful cliffs. 

Phnom Kampong Trach is located east of Kampot province. From Durian Roundabout, it only takes 38 km to travel on national road 33 and 148 km from Phnom Penh via national road 3 and road 31.

Kampot Pepper Plantation Exploration

Kampot is widely popular for its pepper farm. Due to the environmental conditions, Kampot pepper is very special for its superior aroma and taste of spice. 

Kampot Pepper Berries at Its Harvesting Season

Kampot Pepper Berries at Its Harvesting Season

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Kampot’s Renowned Pepper Industry and Its History

When the Angkor Empire peaked in the 13th century, Kampot pepper was first cultivated. Thanks to its incredible spices, Kampot pepper was widely utilized in medical and culinary properties. It has been traded across the globe since then. However, pepper farms and production, like all other industries in Cambodia, were destroyed during the Pol Pot regime ( Khmer Rouge). 

After the collapse of the Khmer Rouge, Kampot pepper began its life again in the early 20th century. Many groups of farmers and entrepreneurs started to build the quality pepper production. Since then, Cambodia has exported Kampot pepper thousands and thousands of tons every year.

Visiting a Local Pepper Plantation to Learn About Cultivation Techniques

There are a lot of local pepper plantations that you can find and visit. Moreover, it is ideal to learn about culture, taste of origins, and local farming methods from local plantations. On top of that, you can experience authentic Kampot pepper. 

The cultivation of Kampot Pepper follows time-honored, handed-down practices. Kampot pepper has a short growing season from January to June; however, the peppercorns are picked at various times throughout the season. Local farmers grow peppers without using any pesticides and chemicals to ensure eco-friendly production. 

Rabbit Island or Kaoh Tonsay

Relaxing place along with sea and sunset view

Relaxing Place Along With Sea And Sunset View 

Description of Rabbit Island (Kaoh Tonsay)

Kaoh Tonsay is an island located 25 km east of Kampot province. The island is very local and ideal for those who are in need of tranquility. In addition, the only route to the island is to hire a local boat which you may find at a Kep pier. Rabbit Island is a hidden paradise which is fully covered by untouched nature. 

Relaxing Beach Experience And Pristine Natural Surroundings

Since not many people live on the island, nor is the tourist spot, Rabbit Island is a hidden gem full of beautiful environments. You will be able to experience tranquility and relaxation as waves kiss the shoreline. 

Opportunities for Swimming, Snorkeling, And Beachside Relaxation

There are many adventurous activities that you can enjoy while staying at the Rabbit island. However, you will not enjoy it to the fullest if you have limited time. You should plan to visit the island for at least a few nights stay. You will have different experiences while exploring the island, as each side of it has its property. 

In the first place, you may rent a boat to go fishing, snorkeling, and going around the island to get to see the beauty and nature. If you want an adventure, it has a trekking route to get you to explore the fascinating mother nature. On the other side of the island, you will meet a few local people living by the coastline. On top of that, you can have a good and relaxing massage by the locals before seeing the sunsets at the bay. 


Recap of The Diverse Day Trips From Kampot

If you want to obtain the best day trips from Kampot, you better plan for as long as you can. Staying a few days there would not help you get the best experience. As mentioned earlier from Kampot, there are heavens on earth that are disguises. Thus, as you plan a holiday, you would not want to miss one of them.

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