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Best Restaurant in Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot, Cambodia, not only enchants visitors with its scenic beauty but also excites their taste buds with a diverse culinary scene. From traditional Khmer delicacies to international fusion cuisine, this charming town offers many dining options to suit every palate.

Here’s a mouthwatering roundup of the best restaurants in Kampot, where you can savor a culinary journey like no other. 

1. Kampot Seafood & Pepper 

Experience the best food in Kampot with a visit to Kampot Seafood & Pepper, where culinary delights await. Known for its innovative fusion of fresh seafood and famous Kampot pepper, this restaurant in Kampot offers a unique cooking class experience. 

Under the guidance of skilled chefs, learn to prepare both traditional Khmer foods and conventional western dishes infused with the fragrant spices of Kampot pepper. From succulent Kampot grilled prawns to tender wagyu beef, each dish is a celebration of culinary heritage.

2. Trob Ma’am Restaurant

Trob Ma’am Restaurant

Source: ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន ម្អម 

Experience the best Cambodian food in Kampot at Trob Ma’am Restaurant, where hearty home-cooked meals and warm smiles await.

This cozy eatery specializes in authentic Cambodian cuisine, with a focus on comforting dishes that evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition.

From fragrant soups and renowned Kampot Pepper Crab to grilled fish and fresh salads, every dish at Trob Ma’am Restaurant is prepared with love and care, ensuring a memorable Cambodia’s dining experience for every guest.

3. Simple Things

“Simple Things” is a vegetarian restaurant in Kampot town. For a taste of vegetarianism with a creative twist, look no further than Simple Things. This cozy eatery exudes rustic charm and offers a menu filled with wholesome dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. 

Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast, a satisfying sandwich, or a decadent dessert, Simple Things has something to satisfy every craving. Be sure to try their signature dishes, such as the Buddha Bowl or the mouth-watering desserts made from Kampot fruits, for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

4. Pippali Hotel & Restaurant

Drinks and snacks at Pippali Hotel & Restaurant

Drinks and snacks at Pippali Hotel & Restaurant

Live it up at Pippali Restaurant, a culinary gem that combines modern elegance with traditional Khmer flavors. Set against the backdrop of Kampot’s picturesque riverfront, this upscale dining establishment offers a menu of innovative dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients and infused with the fragrant spices of Cambodia.

Whether you’re craving grilled seafood, tender meats, or vibrant vegetarian fare, Pippali Hotel & Restaurant promises a gastronomic journey that delights the senses and consider one of the best restaurant in Kampot.

Besides its delicate restaurant, Pippali Hotel & Restaurant also offers a wonderful a`ccomodation and unforgettable experience for your trip in style and luxury nearby Kampot river. Book Now!

5. L’Osteria in Kampot

Amuse in the flavors of Italy at L’Osteria in Kampot, a delightful restaurant known for its authentic Italian cuisine and warm hospitality. From wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta to delectable antipasti and decadent desserts, every dish is crafted with care using the finest imported and locally sourced ingredients.

Pair your meal with a glass of wine from their extensive selection, or opt for one of their refreshing cocktails crafted with renowned Kampot peppercorns for a unique twist. With its inviting ambiance and sumptuous fare, L’Osteria is a culinary gem not to be missed.

6. Vanna Restaurant & Bar

Experience one of the Khmer cuisines at Vanna Restaurant & Bar, a beloved dining destination in Krong Kampot. Located in front of Kampot River, this cozy and relaxed restaurant offers a menu showcasing both traditional Khmer and western dishes prepared with a modern flair.

From fragrant curries and aromatic stir-fries to fresh seafood and flavorful salads, each dish is a symphony of flavors and textures.

Sit back and relax as you dine smoked duck lok lak, serenaded by the gentle sounds of the river and enveloped in the warm glow of the stars—a truly magical dining experience awaits at Vanna Restaurant & Bar.

7. Ecran Noodles (Kampot Branch)

Let’s head to Ecran Noodles (Kampot Branch), a place where delicious noodle dishes reign supreme. This no-frills Kampot food specializes in hearty bowls of noodles served in savory broths and topped with an array of meats, fresh herbs, and spices. 

From classic fresh noodle soups to homemade dumplings, each dish is bursting with flavor and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. These are some delicious snacks, appetizers, hangover treats that can accompany you at handy any time.

8. Artisans Kampot

Step into Artisans Kampot and explore culinary experiences that celebrate local flavors and craftsmanship. This pleasant restaurant showcases a menu inspired by traditional Cambodian recipes, crafted with the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and artisans. 

From delicate steak to mouthwatering soup, each dish at Artisans Kampot tells a story of passion and dedication to preserving Cambodia’s culinary heritage.

Don’t forget to try their beef tenderloin, served with signature Kampot pepper sauce, foie gras slice on top and two sides of your choice. 

9. Kun Kimsea Crab Fried Rice

For a taste of Kampot’s renowned seafood, look no further than Kun Kimsea Crab Fried Rice. Located amidst busy markets and colorful street stalls, this humble eatery serves up delectable crab fried rice that’s bursting with flavor.

Prepared with succulent crab meat, fragrant Cambodian rice, and a medley of spices, each mouthful is a harmonious blend of sweet, savory, and umami notes—a signature taste to the culinary prowess of Kampot’s chefs.

10. Ta Sem Rice Noodle Soup – គុយទាវតាសុឹម

For a taste of Cambodia’s beloved comfort food, head to Ta Sem Rice Noodle Soup, where steaming bowls of noodle soup await.

This humble eatery specializes in Khmer-style rice noodle soup, locally known as “kuy teav,” prepared with richly flavored broth, tender meat or seafood, and an assortment of fresh herbs and condiments.

Served piping hot and bursting with flavor, a bowl of Ta Sem’s rice noodle soup is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly Kampot evening.

11. Shark-Fin Soup ស៊ុបត្រីឆ្លាម

Shark fin soup, a delicacy that has been enjoyed for centuries in many Asian cultures, including Cambodia, is a dish that exudes elegance and tradition.

The popular shark fin soup in Kampot city is a symphony of flavors and textures, carefully crafted to satisfy your soup craving. The soup typically is made from rich and flavorful broth, simmered for hours to extract the essence of the ingredients. 

Whether you’re a culinary adventurer or simply curious to try something new, shark fin soup offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

12. Phum Chas ភូមិចាស់

Discover the flavors of Khmer foods at Phum Chas, a rustic restaurant located in the heart of Kampot’s rural landscape.

Here, you can feast on traditional Khmer dishes prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and markets. From crispy rice cake (Num Krouk) and grilled chicken to refreshing salads and aromatic soups, every dish at Phum Chas is a celebration of Cambodia’s rich culinary heritage.

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What to Eat in Kampot?

Kampot’s culinary scene offers a delightful mix of flavors and experiences that are sure to leave you craving more. Whether you’re savoring Cambodian food, experiencing western delicacies, indulging in a cooking class, or slurping noodles on the street, restaurant in Kampot promises a culinary adventure like no other.

So, grab your appetite and prepare to explore a gastronomic journey through the flavors of Kampot Cambodia. Bon appétit!

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