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Best Things To Do In Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot, Cambodia, is the country’s top destination for tranquil riverside getaways, located between the capital city and the coast. It is a naturally beautiful place where you can spend your days relaxing by the river and your evenings driving through picturesque downtown. 

For the most part, Kampot is different from any other city in Cambodia. This place also has a rich history, as it used to be the French-colonial capital. Nowadays, tourists can rent motorcycles and ride around to see many long-lost French architectures, mansions, and churches. 

You should not miss this city if you value natural discovery and slow living. Mountain climbing, river tours, and tropical forest exploration can help you reconnect with nature in a setting that is largely devoid of crowds.

kampot river

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Home to numerous remarkable attractions and convenient accommodations, travelers should visit this charming community more often.

What To Do In Kampot?

There is plenty to do in Kampot, as it is one of Cambodia’s finest places to settle, explore, eat, and drink. So, whether you’re interested in calmness, outdoor or indoor activities, the arts, or just knowing enchanting Kampot better, you’ll find something to enjoy here.

Let’s read through to learn the best things to do in Kampot.

1. Rent a Motorbike to Travel around the city

Rent a motorbike to step it up if your speed is a little faster than bicycling. One of the best ways to travel to Bokor National Park, about 20 miles from Kampot, is by motorcycle. The roads along the way are excellent for two-wheelers, and as you travel, you get to see rural villages, rolling fields, and stunning views when you arrive at Bokor Hill Station.

Rent a Motorbike to Travel around the city

Rent a Motorbike to Travel around the city

2. Enjoy Kayaking

Most tourists rarely miss kayaking when they visit Kampot. It gives you a great moment to enjoy the scenery as you observe the water flow moving in the river. You can rent Kayak at Preaek Tuek Chhu River and experience what the locals call the “Green Cathedral.” Depending on your pace, the Green Cathedral takes an hour or more.

3. Go Paddle Boarding

The Kampot River‘s calm surface makes it the perfect location for a full day of water activities. If you’ve never paddled a board before, don’t worry because SUP Asia offers instruction in the best possible setting. Consider taking the board tour for an hour or two, paddling down the river surrounded by wildlife and birds, then jumping off and going for a cool swim. 

If you’re looking for a true adventure, SUP Asia provides a trip that lets you paddle into nearby fishing villages and experience Cambodian culture firsthand.

Go Paddle Boarding

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4. Jet Ski On Kampot’s River

Jet skiing is an exhilarating water sports experience that you shouldn’t miss. It is an entertaining activity in the water that tourists enjoy while at the same time exploring the river. Make sure to hold on tightly as you ride a jet ski. You can rent in Kampot past the attractions all along the river.

5. Cruise On the Kampot’s River 

Every day at around 5:00 PM, the tour departs from the Kampot dock area and takes you for one and a half hours through the best locations to see the sunset. In addition to open deck space at the top, the boat has chair choices.

You can also enjoy the Kampot nightlife such as having dinner while admiring the town and river views. In addition, some boat tours keep going with parties that go on until late at night. Upscale party cruise tours also set sail on the Kampot River after sunset and stay in the water well into the night.

Hotels sell tickets for these nightclub cruises. You can also get tickets for the sunset boat trip at travel agencies and places to stay.

6. Explore Local Caves

Not many visitors coming to Cambodia know that Kampot is a place with a few small caves that are worthwhile exploring. A great day trip would be to tour the caves and the surrounding area. Head into the mountainside dwellings to find hidden monuments, sculptures, shrines, and other surprises. As you take pictures of the detailed artwork, wear hiking boots and protective headgear.

7. Have An ATV or Dirt Bike Adventure

Red dirt roads winding through Kampot’s jungles are beginning to be discovered. Using some serious off-road vehicles is the best way to accomplish this. You can enjoy riding a motorcycle up a steep mountainside to see amazing views of this small city or go on an adventure road in the jungle on an ATV that will make your heart race.

Every tour offered by Off-Road Kampot includes a knowledgeable local tour guide concerned about everyone’s safety. Plan a trip specifically with the experts at Adventure Rider Asia, where you can go insane with fortnights of explorations or take part in day trips.

8. Join Kampot Cooking Class

If you’d like to explore Cambodian culture, the easiest way is to learn about the food. The cooking class offers all tourists and expats in Kampot the chance to visit a local Khmer market while being guided by a professional chef to learn about all the ingredients and vegetables used in the cooking menu. It’s a very enjoyable experience that you should add to your Kampot trip plan.

9. Visit Pippali Hotel & Restaurant

Pippali is located along the riverside, just a short walk from Kampot’s downtown. It is a peaceful, charming, and well-known accommodation in Krong Kampot Cambodia, offering guests first-rate hotel and restaurant services. 

Our hotel strives to provide guests with the best services and deals possible during your stay. Our comfortable hotel rooms have scenic views of the garden, swimming pool, riverside, and Bokor Mountain, a superb combination for visitors. 

Swimming Pool at Pippali Hotel,

Pippali will make your Kampot trip extra special! Here’s what we can provide for you:

  • Ideal hotel location in town
  • Responsive and quality customer service
  • Spacious, contented, and fully-furnished rooms
  • Clean, green, and peaceful environment (natural view, pool & balcony)
  • Top-rated hotel and restaurant experience (chilled bar, foods & drinks)

With these ideal hotel amenities, don’t forget to reserve your stay with Pippali’s website directly for the best price today. Book Now!

10. Stop By La Plantation Pepper Farm

You might have heard that Kampot pepper is one of the best foods. So now is a good time to visit La Plantation, a famous pepper farm in Kampot, where guides can take you through various stages of the black pepper plantation, and you can take samples of the spicy pepper along the way, which is a favorable occasion for foodies. The tours are free and without pushy salespeople, which is the best part!

Likewise, after a brief tour, you can go to the on-site restaurant to enjoy some fresh dishes with freshly ground black pepper. Of course, bags of black pepper are available to buy as gifts at local prices too.

Don’t forget to bring your camera if you have one, because the farms are breathtakingly spectacular.



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