Explore Kampot

Kampot is a quiet small town but you would be surprised by the richness of the city and its beautiful surroundings.

Kampot River: Best Activities You Can Enjoy

Most tourists who visit Kampot province in Cambodia rarely miss out on activities along the Kampot River. Interestingly, Kampot's "River" is where the rivers connect directly to the nearby ocean. This remarkable river has made Kampot one of the most popular travel destinations in the region.  Here, you will definitely discover why people love...

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Get To Know Kampot River

Bokor Mountain: Why Is It So Popular For Tourists?

Despite having other destinations emerging nowadays, Bokor Mountain remains one of the most attractive places for Cambodians and international travelers visiting Kampot. Bokor Mountain or Bokor Mountain National Park is popular for its captivating scenery of landscape. And, the Bokor Hill Station, known as a legacy of the French colonialism...

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Bokor Mountain

Kampot Pepper: What Makes It Special?

If you ask any diligent cook, they will tell you that freshly ground black pepper is important. Still, any authentic gourmet would tell you that nothing beats Kampot pepper.  Chefs like the late Anthony Bourdain and Michelin-starred French chef Olivier Roellinger have found their way to the pepper grown in Cambodia's Kampot province. The sea,...

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red, black and white peppercorns