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Is Kampot A Good Place To Live? 

Is Kampot A Good Place To Live? Kampot is gaining more popularity among foreign expatriates due to its gorgeous landscape, accessible property, steadily improving infrastructure, and quiet atmosphere away from the capital. Moreover, Krong Kampot is a small riverfront village with many motels and guesthouses located on the Kampot River, just several miles from the Gulf of Thailand. Additionally, it is an emerging tourist destination, and expatriates are rapidly discovering its beauty. The small-town atmosphere and affordable housing make it ideal for an influx of expats. 

Suppose you’re looking for an exotic, relaxing, and, most importantly, cheap. In that case, you may want to consider the provincial capital of Kampot, located in the center of Cambodia’s “Lost Riviera” on the country’s historic southern coastline. Kampot is a tranquil riverside retreat surrounded by greenery mountains, bountiful fields, forests, and various produce farms and plantations.

However, Kampot has never been this developed due to several tragedies in Cambodia. After fifty years, the Kingdom of Cambodia has re-established itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, particularly among Americans, who account for the highest number of visitors of any western nation. And amid this revival, Kampot has reclaimed its position as one of Cambodia’s most popular coastal destinations, not only for tourism but also for an increasing foreign population.

Mountain & River Combo

Mountain & River Combo

6 Reasons Kampot Is An Ideal Place for Expats Retirement

Even though Kampot is the biggest city in Cambodia, it feels more like a small town because it is in the countryside and has a strange mix of vintage architecture, traditional sites, and historical buildings that are legacies of colonialism.

For those looking for an inexpensive seaside retirement location in Southeast Asia, Kampot is a great option. It is especially attractive to expatriates on limited incomes or receiving social security benefits who seek a good life experience on a budget while enjoying a significantly higher standard of living than in the United States. Here are six reasons why if you’re still not convinced: 

Cost of Living

Kampot is cheap! A single individual can maintain a comfortable standard of living for as little as $800 per month, while a couple can do so for less than $1,100 per month. With this budget, you can have an active social life with available budgets for shopping imported goods from the local and Western markets. You can also have unlimited mobile internet access and an air-conditioning home. 

Moreover, in Kampot, many different homes and conventional flats are available for almost instant leases at very reasonable renting rates. Many structures have been restored to meet Western standards better, making it easy to find a handy location with all mod-cons. Most will have everything you need, including air conditioning and unique elements like terraces and spectacular river or mountain vistas.


If you are worrying about health care and medical support, do not worry. Health care is also accessible in Kampot. Recently, the development of healthcare has been a top priority for the Cambodian government, which receives support from foreign agencies like the World Health Organization.

For instance, cities such as Krong Kampot have an abundance of pharmacies where retirees can purchase their maintenance medication. Additionally, there are more specialists. Additionally, health care is cheap, so older people don’t have to consider their health.

Beautiful Sunset View in Kampot

Freedom Soul Living in Relaxing Area, Kampot


Cambodia is appropriately dubbed the Kingdom of Wonder. It provides lovely exploring locations, including historic churches, stunning colonial buildings, local marketplaces, natural spaces, mountains, and pristine islands. The local culture is rich, with a touch of French impact.

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Do Not Worry About Languages

Most people working in the tourist and hotel industries and the younger generations, who make up the majority of the young population in the country, all speak English, which has long since displaced French as the most frequently used second language in Kampot.

Ease of Access to Expenses

Additionally, Cambodia has the added benefit of accepting both the U.S. dollar and its national money, making it an attractive option for retirees. This simplifies things for expatriates who operate their own companies as well as seniors who depend on money from abroad benefits.

Moreover, many national, regional, and foreign banks and different lending organizations have opened full-service offices in Kampot in recent years. At the same time, the number of freestanding ATMs has increased at convenient places all over the city.

This means that expatriates can now access currency, establish local accounts, register for debit and credit cards, receive or send international remittances, and even use internet banking.

Excellent Seasons

Kampot has a tropical environment that ensures mild temperatures and sunlight throughout the year. This is a key selling factor for people looking to leave their native countries’ icy winters and chilly climates behind. Whether Is Kampot A Good Place To Live, you can observe for it weather.

January to April are typically the warmest months of the year, with average highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Kampot’s coastal location ensures that the Prek Kampong Bay and Prek Tuk Chhu rivers provide a refreshing atmosphere.

The rainy season, typically from June to September, is a beautiful time to visit Kampot because the surrounding countryside is in full bloom. The temperature can drop as low as 21 degrees Fahrenheit in November and December. Typically, the rainy season ends in October, and the temperature can drop as low as 21 degrees Fahrenheit during the cold season from November to December.

To experience a cooler environment, you can take a 30-minute journey up to the Damrei Mountains’ Preah Monivong Bokor National Park, which is 1,000 meters above sea level. The park has a unique environment with waves of fog constantly ascending and moving across the summit of the mountain, encircling tourists with delightfully cold white clouds and mists and fantastic shoreline views.

 Is Kampot A Good Place To Live? Excellent Seasons With Boating View

In Summary

Kampot has a lot to offer as a unique and cheap seaside getaway. It offers all the advantages of a place overflowing with nature while also providing contemporary conveniences and pleasures at costs so low you have no excuse not to enjoy them. It has plenty to keep you amused. Not only for a place of living, but a Kampot trip sounds fantastic as well. 

Please note that you must register for a Cambodia Retirement ER Visa to retire in Cambodia.

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