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Kampot River: Best Activities You Can Enjoy

Most tourists who visit Kampot province in Cambodia rarely miss out on activities along the Kampot River. Interestingly, Kampot’s “River” is where the rivers connect directly to the nearby ocean. This remarkable river has made Kampot one of the most popular travel destinations in the region. 

Here, you will definitely discover why people love the river Kampot, and you will also find out more about the top activities you can enjoy there. 

Get To Know Kampot River

The river flows in opposite directions according to the tides. During the rainy season, from July through October, floods can occur due to excessive water flow. It makes the Kampot River a vital food source for the locals who make a living by fishing.

The towns of Kampot and Kep, well-known tourist sites in the area, are situated along the river. Tourists often come here for numerous sunset tours and water activities.

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Kampot River at A Glance

The Praek Tuek Chhu river, which provides life for Kampot, is at the city’s heart. It is a canal that is safe for swimming and is clean enough when compared to the Mekong or Tonle Sap (the further you go out of town, the better the water quality).

A wide, flower-lined promenade runs along the east bank of the river, around the edge of town, in front of the cafes, hotels, and shops along the river in Kampot. It also frames lovely views of the nearby Bokor National Park.

The Kampot town center, with its attractive shop buildings, old colonial villas, and broad boulevards, is just a few streets down the waterfront.

How To Reach Kampot River?

From Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, and Phnom Penh, direct buses to Kampot take between three and five hours. You can also travel by train to Kampot if you’re leaving from Phnom Penh and want to experience it like a local.

Get in The River: Best Activities You Can Enjoy

For both guests and non-guests, the town’s riverfront accommodations and resorts provide a wide range of river sports, including fishing excursions, boat trips, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking along Kampot river, wakeboarding, and even water skiing.

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Just pick the activities you like, or you can try them all if you want. When swimming, remember that long-tail boats and sunset tour boats float along the river, especially around dark when they return home for the day.

Get on The Sunset Ride at Kampot River

Get on The Sunset Ride at Kampot River

Beautiful scenery of sunset at Kampot River.

If you’re not into water activities, you can also get on a sunset boat ride on the Kampot River. Many local resorts have their own boat rides or can connect you with one nearby. Local travel agencies also offer tickets for sale; they typically cost $5 to $10.

Some party-oriented guest houses also offer backpacker-style party boat sunset tours; if that’s not your style, you can rent a private boat through your guesthouse.

Other Exciting Kampot River Activities

Kayaking is the most popular of the several water sports available in Kampot. Numerous boutiques, hotels, and villas provide free or inexpensive water sports equipment rentals. Also, several of the guesthouses include a private riverfront for swimming and water activities. The Kampot River offers paddle boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, and fishing activities.

On the Kampot River, there are many large boats and multi-story floating restaurants available at night for supper and drinks. You can enjoy a delicious nighttime meal while admiring the gorgeous town and river sights. The start of the day or at dusk, when the scenery is stunning, is the ideal moment to enjoy leisurely floats at the river side.

Kampot River Tours

A sunset river cruise in Kampot is the most well-liked activity on the Kampot River. Every day at around 5:00 PM, the tour departs from the Kampot dock area and takes you for an hour and a half via the most fantastic locations to see the sunset.

There is also a firefly tour, depending on the time of year you visit. So, you can watch for thousands of fireflies that light above the river at night. A complimentary drink is provided, and food alternatives are also offered. Some boat cruises continue with celebrations that go until midnight.

In addition to this, there are upscale party river cruises that set sail on the Kampot River after sunset and stay in the water well into the night. Hotels and hostels sell tickets for these nighttime cruises. Tickets for the sunset sail excursion are also available via travel agencies and lodging establishments.

When To Visit Kampot?

Kampot’s busiest time is in the winter (November–January). The weather is lovely, but it’s also more dynamic and more costly than usual. The hottest months of the year are from March through May. Mid-year brings the monsoon season, with afternoon storms and lots of rain

The shoulder season (September to October) following the monsoon is the best time to visit Kampot since the rice fields are green, the weather is cool, and there are fewer tourists.

Where To Stay in Kampot

Kampot offers various vacation alternatives, including affordable boutiques, Kampot river bungalows, and luxury hotels.

For instance, Pippali is one of Kampot’s top-rated hotels that can give you a relaxing stay and memorable experience throughout your whole Kampot trip. Pippali is also a very convenient place to stay as it’s close to Kampot’s city and is situated along the river. 

The rooms of the Pippali Hotel, in Kampot, Cambodia.

You can count on Pippali to provide the best services and deals during your stay. All you have to do is enjoy the beautiful views of the garden, swimming pool, riverbank, and Bokor Mountain from our comfortable hotel suites.

Your journey to Kampot will be extra special, thanks to Pippali! Pippali can provide the town’s ideal hotel location, excellent and speedy client service, spacious, comfortable, fully-furnished room, clean, green, and relaxing surroundings, and exceptional hotel and dining experience.

Don’t forget to book your vacation with Pippali’s official website for the best rate right now with these excellent hotel features. Book it now!

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