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Tips For Kampot Expats: How To Prosper As A Foreigner

How To Prosper As A Foreigner? Here are Tips For Kampot Expats that you may not know. We all know that Kampot, a city in southern Cambodia also the capital of Kampot province, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations recently. It is home to roughly 75,000 people, with many Cambodian locals living in the surrounding area. Moreover, the city is situated between flourishing rice fields and mountains on the banks of the Kampot Riverside. Besides, Kampot is famous for its pepper grown in the countryside and other legacies such as temples. 

Moreover, Kampot has numerous historical buildings, such as the Kampot Pagoda, Kampot Museum, and the Kampot Royal Place, suitable for historical backpackers. Suppose Kampot expats are unsure about the location and where to go and what to do in Kampot. In that case, you can hire a tour to learn about the area, from history, legacies, markets, fascinating architecture, and most importantly, relax with the Kampot riverside view. 

Vintage architectural building on top of Bokor mountain

Vintage architectural building on top of Bokor mountain

How Long Do You Need In Kampot?

You may need at least several days to explore the city’s beauty. This city is ideal for those seeking relaxation and a laid-back atmosphere. Numerous activities are available, such as investigating the adjacent caverns and navigating the Kampot river by canoe. Kampot is where you spend your holidays without wanting to go back home. 

Staying Cool as A Foreigner in Kampot (Kampot Expats’ Tips)

You should familiarize yourself with the local food to get the most out of your time in Kampot.

The following are the most popular meals in Kampot:

  • Fish Amok: Fish Amok is undeniably the national dish of Cambodia that you should try at least once in Cambodia. It is a creamy curry made of fish, mostly snakehead fish or goby fish. It is made with lemongrass, turmeric, shallots, kaffir lime and served in steamed banana leaf. 
  • Beef Lok Lak: Another dish head to head with Fish Amok is no other than the delicious Beef Lok Lak. This dish comprises beef segments stir-fried with a lime and Kampot pepper marinade and served with rice or various vegetables. Additionally, this dish is adapted to local preferences throughout Cambodia and the rest of South-East Asia.
  • Green Mango Salad: If you’re craving a fresh and flavored salad, Kampot is where you need to go. Kampot is well-known for having a delicious green mango salad combining crispy green mango, fish sauce, tomato, mint, cucumber, and the spice of peppers and chilis. This is a great addition to a meal or can be consumed on its own.

Knowing what Durian is and learn how to eat it.

Most people know durian as a stinky fruit or even the King of fruits. It is a type of fruit planted in Asia, and it is edible. Durians are known for having a strong smell, but they are incredibly delicious as it has a creamy texture. Durians are also well-liked in Cambodia, and you can find them at almost every local market or street vendor. 

As it is well-liked by most Asian people, many expats may find the smell unpleasant. However, for durian lovers, Kampot is heaven filled with the cheapest and most delicious durians. 

If you’re visiting and enjoying the view of Teuk Chhu, you may be offered a chance to try the strong smell of durians. This is because durian farms are at every corner of the Teuk Chhu area. If you have never tried durians, this is a good chance to taste the sweet and tastiest one. 

Yellow, creamy, and amazing texture durians you must try in Kampot

Yellow, creamy, and amazing texture durians you must try in Kampot

Source: Tripadvisor 

Staying Alongside Preaek Tuek Chhu River

Boutique hotels are the most popular Kampot accommodation option for you if you’re visiting the Preaek Tuek Chhu area. If you’re looking for a relaxing, quiet place with high-standard facilities, Pippali hotel is the one you need. Equipped with terraces, balconies, a swimming pool, and tropical gardens, you will have the best experience. Moreover, the rooms are decorated luxuriously, with low-hanging ceiling lighting, wooden bed frames, and Cambodian textile drapes. Suppose you need additional help facilitating your visit. In that case, the hotel’s team is more than willing to organize activities like zipping you around town in their private tuk-tuk and directing you to reputable motorbike rentals.

Kampot Expat Stays at Pippali Hotel, and Enjoy their swimming at our swimming pool facilities.

Kampot Expat Stays at Pippali Hotel, and Enjoy their swimming at our swimming pool facilities.

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Have a Home-Cooked Meal

Indeed, fish amok, beef lok lak, and spicy hot Kampot pepper are the best-known Cambodian cuisine, but there is so much more to explore. This plan is meant to give you a deeper look into Khmer society through its food. It includes many activities, such as street-food trips, cooking lessons, BBQs, and making cocktails.

Cambodians love Amok Trey and Samlor Kakor so much that no one can decide which is the national dish. However, an essential aspect of Cambodian foods is that they are made in a kitchen filled with love and care. Thus, it is highly recommended for Kampot expats to dine in with the locals and experience how Cambodians prepare their food. 

Joining Local Festivals 

The vibrancy of Cambodian festivals is truly exceptional. The multifaceted meaning of these festivals, which are frequently spiritual and tradition-heavy occasions with a focus on family and community gatherings, can be difficult for expats to comprehend. However, as a foreigner and Kampot expats, you should learn to appreciate and comprehend all Khmer festivals. Therefore, one will have a truly unforgettable experience in Kampot with the locals to join one of Cambodia’s festivals. 

Khmer New Year – April

If possible, avoid traveling during this period because almost the whole country shuts down. Everyone goes to the provinces to party and meet up with their extended families. Krong Kampot will be crowded and congested because Phnom Penh residents will travel there to celebrate and, most importantly, enjoy the Khmer New Year holiday. It is noted that the annual Khmer New Year celebration may vary according to the lunar calendar, but it is certainly celebrated in April. 

Pchum Ben – September

Another Cambodian festival is no other than Pchum Ben, which lasts 15 days. The purpose of this 15-day celebration is to honor the deceased and ensure that they do not return to feast on the fluids and blood of the living. Many Phnom Penh residents and workers travel to the provinces, and devotees visit Cambodia’s pagodas with food and monetary donations for monks and petitioners. If you are in Cambodia during this period, visit a wat (temple) to learn about a fascinating tradition.


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